McAfee MOVE Antivirus Rolled Out for VMware Cloud on AWS

McAfee has recently launched McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environment (MOVE) antivirus. This antivirus has been made available exclusively for the customers of VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Initially, the antivirus will be available for AWS US West (Oregon) region. VMware cloud on AWS takes along VMware’s enterprise-class Software-Denied Data Center software and elastic, bare-metal infrastructure from Amazon Web Services to give the companies steady operating model and application portability for both private and public cloud.

The antivirus will give high-end threat protection for virtual machines to the customers of VMware cloud. The antivirus will remove the need to install an agent that were earlier required on every VM. Traditional security solutions that were being used were contributing to high CPU and memory usage causing decreased VM density on each hypervisor. The all new McAfee MOVE has resolved this issue by transferring all on-access scanning to a particular VM that runs a McAfee Antivirus Enterprise. This has minimized the need of traditional threat applications, and boosted VM density per hypervisor.

McAfee’s new antivirus ensures complete malware protection to your virtual environments, thereby integrating real-time intelligence along with security management around both physical as well as virtual infrastructure.

Raja Patel, vice-president and general manager, Corporate Security Products, McAfee said that the decision of using McAfee MOVE antivirus with VMware Cloud would be a great idea for those customers who wish to increase the protection on their existing data centers to the hybrid clouds from a single security management interface. McAfee’s MOVE is focusing on offering operational consistency for their users cloud journey.

VMware cloud on Amazon Web Services technology partners facilitates customers to deploy the similar solutions seamlessly in both private and public cloud. It has eliminated the requirement for partners to refactor security solutions for VMware cloud on Amazon Web Service. If a partner works on-premises in a VMware environment, it will support VMware cloud on AWS.

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